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Hi there, and welcome to microinvestor, the blog you weren’t asking for, but is here nonetheless. Okay okay, before you start rolling your eyes out, mumbling “oh boys, yet another of those blogs who will turn me a billionaire during the weekend!”, which probably wouldn’t make you so sad after all, just keep reading and you may see my point.

There are plenty of blogs out there,

so many that it’s impossible to count them all, and many are dedicated to the topic of business. If you then move to, say, YouTube, then you’ll also find plenty of channels with content about finances, economy, entrepreneurship and whatnot. The topics I’ve seen the most, are usually around the form of “here is way you are poor”, “how to turn 1000$ into one million”. On the other side, we have excellent guides by the top 1% leaders, who have amassed overtime immeasurable wealth, on how to invest large amounts of money and generate even more profit in doing so. By no means I think educating yourself is a bad thing, and some of the content provided by blogs, vlogs, podcasts etc. is amazing both in quality and value; what I haven’t been able to find, however, is something dedicated to micro investors, with few investments on their portfolio or perhaps still dreaming about making the transition from employee to investor.

It’s no news that unemployment rates have skyrocketed almost everywhere, and that in some areas the financial crisis is all but finished. If we consider the most developed Countries, the global average unemployment rate is set at 7.9% in 2017, while adding to the equation the less developed ones, the index skyrockets to a staggering 30%. (₁)
Now we change perspective,  let’s take a look to the stock exchange markets, which are a solid indicator of the state of nations: Dow Jones? It was around 1.900 in 1988, it is above 24.000 in 2018. Nasdaq? It was above 300 in 1988, it is above 7.600 in 2018. Nikkei? It was above 9.000 in 2003, it is above 22.000 in 2018. (₂)

Why does this matters?

Let’s travel back in time a few years. I was slightly younger, and was just appointed as Board Member of my region’s Young Entrepreneurs Council. During a social event, among all the funny chit chatting, I happened to ask what kind of study path all my fellow Board Members had followed and, to my great surprise everyone, everyone, had the same exact background: accounting and finances. At the moment, I didn’t even register the discovery as relevant, but rather we all laughed together at the coincidence. But I do not believe in coincides, and that discovery started ticking in my head. Weeks and months passed, and sometimes that thought kept popping in my mind until, for a reason or another, I stumbled upon a book that can be familiar for many of you: it was “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki. The title alone caught my attention, but I opened it to a random page, to read about how what truly separates the poors from the rich is not some kind of abstract ability, but rather just a solid financial education. It’s not like I wasn’t aware of that, but I suppose it was more at subconscious level, but that paragraph gave me the chance to connect the dots with what I had noticed in the Young Entrepreneurs Council: we all shared the same mindset, call it a “thought framework”, if you prefer.

Before you ask

no, no one of us is rich by any means (yet, hopefully), so if you want to be inspired on how to invest your millions, I don’t think you’ll get much benefit from my blog. However, if you are wondering how you can go from employee to investor, from zero to one so to speak, you are in the right place. As I said in the first paragraph, the best teachers in the world in the field of business, are more focused on generic topics targeted to an audience that already has some fundamentals and, despite my best efforts, I have been unable to find many “step by step” guides on how to make the transition from an employee mindset, to a business mindset. My goal, is to discuss the topic of business in the most practical way possible, in order to help as many of you as possible to actually do the transition, more so if you happen to live in a Country that is facing difficult times.

So let’s recap:

– This blog is about business education
– It won’t offer magic tricks to become billionaire overnight
It will be oriented to maximum practicality

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(₁) https://www.indexmundi.com (unemployment)
(₂) https://finance.yahoo.com (Stock Exchange global trend)